At a strip club, so we hear

There was a super secret VIP party in a Kent Stripclub last night and Geordie Shore were reportedly there.

Vicky Pattison and Scott Timlin made the trek southwards to The Bing last night for Canterbury’s “Secret” Party, hosted by ON1_promotions.

After weeks of build up on Twitter, the reality TV stars tweeted their descent in anticipation on what was promising to be the “the best night of the year.”

Vicky was flown by private jet from Newcastle to Stansted last night before flocking – with her followers in tow – to the glitzy event.

The only problem is – where was everyone else?

Social media has been dead this morning, with the official @ON1_promotions account last tweeting at 10pm last night.

The event advertised joining a guest list, saying: “That those that are right for the party will understand and appreciate how important it is to keep our parties exclusive.”

photoThe guest list however, was not a guarantee to get in, with people risking being turned away at the door if they didn’t have the right party look.

So I guess that counts out lowly students then…and the majority of Canterbury.

Were you there? Let us know.