Like you should totally listen to my band sometime...

What your Venue outfit says about you

Trigger Warning: Bandana wearers and gym bunnies may be upset by this


Get your essay referencing done in minutes with this free app

Stop worrying about whether you’re referencing correctly and do it this way instead


630 Kent students exposed as filthy cheats

Hundreds of naughty Kent students caught cheating in last year’s exams

"Then we got Jo, she's got the flow"

S Club Party’s best clubbers

Ain’t no party like an S Club party

Why I started the Park Wood path CCTV petition

It’s time to act and create a safe environment


Campus Style: Best dressed at the Templeman

These lot are studying in style

Not so scary, in the light of day.

Better security now! Campaign for CCTV snowballs after knife attack

Kent students demand more security following a series of attacks on the Parkwood path to campus

Just totally dig those house vibes.

How to dress for The Venue: A fresher’s guide

Freshers take heed. This is the most important thing you will read this year.

Parkwood path, or as it is fondly being referred to, the ghetto of Kent

Parkwood knife attack: Brave freshers tell mugger ‘go ahead and stab me’

Two freshers were accosted by a man with a knife as they headed to Venzday


Campus Style: Best of the beards

Who doesn’t love a good beard? We met the most stylish beard-sporting men on campus

EL James

Kent’s most successful Arts graduates

A BA may not be a BSc, but it ain’t BS either according to the accomplishments of these four Kent Arts grads…