She wants your vote, vote, vote.

An SU candidate has made a parody of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off as she makes a bid for VP Welfare.

Hannah McIntosh – current UKC women’s officer – dropped her video at 9am this morning, adapting Swift’s haters-inspired song to inform voters of her policies.

Swapping out the catchy chorus for the campaign slogan Make It McIntosh, lyrics include: “Liberation in ’15, lobbied for LGBT, student welfare is my beat, uh huh, yeah, welfare is my beat, uh huh.”

Speaking to The Tab, Hannah said: “Kent Union can often feel quite inaccessible for students and no time is worse for this than during the Leadership Elections.

“During this 7 day period there are dozens of students all vying for the student population’s attention, so this year I decided to attempt to put my manifesto into a more accessible format.

“Plus it was extremely fun to make.”

Lightning on her feet...

Lightning on her feet…

The video uses locations around campus, including clips of Medway, Eliot Hall and the gym, amongst others.

However, McIntosh’s campaign is just one in a recent trend of pop-song remixes rocking the UK, with SU videos at Cardiff and Leicester going viral in candidate’s quests for victory.